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Unburden Yourself with Laughter

Religion cannot be anything other than a celebration of life.

A serious person is handicapped: He creates barriers. He cannot dance or sing.

Laughter, according to Osho, is multi-dimensional. When you laugh, your body, mind and your being laughs in unison. Seriousness is of the ego whereas laughter is ego less ness.

Gautama Buddha made a profound statement
"Be a light unto yourself".

To this, Osho adds another
“ Be a joke unto yourself".

Osho would say: "I have to tell jokes because you are all religious people, you tend to be serious. I have to tickle you sometimes so that you forget your religiousness, your philosophies, theories, systems, and you fall down to earth".

 Osho has seen, that in spontaneous laughter, the noise of the mind stops for a few precious moments, allowing us to experience mindlessness or meditation, however fleetingly.

Osho said: "I declare laughter to be the highest religious quality. And if we can decide that every year, for one hour, at a certain date, at a certain time, the whole world will laugh (together), it will help to dispel darkness, violence and stupidities - because laughter is a unique human characteristic... It can relax you, it can make you feel light, it can make your world a beautiful experience. It can change everything in your life. Laughter can make life worth living, something to be grateful for                              

German thinker Count Keyserling wrote that ill health is unreligious. An ill person is desireless not because he has become desireless but because he is weak. A healthy person will laugh, he would like to enjoy, be merry - he cannot be sad."

 Religious fanatics tell you to go on a fast, suppress your body, and torture yourself. Laughter comes out of health. It's an overflowing energy. That's why children can laugh and their laughter is total. Their whole body is involved in it when they laugh; you can see their toes laughing."

Only laughter can be the real prayer of gratitude. Osho talks about a great Zen master Hotei who was known in Japan as the 'Laughing Buddha'.

Osho said: "Hotei is tremendously significant... more people should be like Hotei; more temples should be full of laughter, dancing and singing. If seriousness is lost, nothing is lost -in fact, one becomes more healthy and whole. But if laughter is lost, everything is lost. Suddenly you lose the festivity of your being; you become colourless, monotonous, in a way, dead. Then your energy is not streaming any more".

 Osho warned that

Taking man's laughter away from him is taking his very life away;

it is a form of spiritual castration.

Wife            : 'What are you doing?' 
Husband    : Nothing.. 
Wife            : 'Nothing...? You've been reading our marriage certificate for an hour.' 
Husband     : 'I was looking for the expiry date.' 

Wife            : 'Do you want dinner?' 
Husband    : 'Sure! What are my choices?' 
Wife            : 'Yes or no.' 

Wife           : 'You always carry my photo in your wallet. Why?' 
Hubby        : 'When there is a problem, no matter how great, I look at your picture and the                           problem disappears.' 
Wife           : 'You see how miraculous and powerful I am for you?' 
Hubby        : 'Yes! I see your picture and ask myself what other problem can there be                greater than this one?"          

Girl: 'When we get married, I want to share all your worries, troubles and lighten your burden.' Boy: 'It's very kind of you, darling, but I don't have any worries or troubles.' 
Girl: 'Well that's because we aren't married yet.' 

A newly married man asked his wife, 'Would you have married me if my father hadn't left me a fortune?' 
'Honey,' the woman replied sweetly, 'I'd have married you, NO MATTER WHO LEFT YOU A FORTUNE!' 

A wife asked her husband: 'What do you like most in me, my pretty face or my sexy body?' 
He looked at her from head to toe and replied: 'Your sense of humour! 

Today's Bible reading is from Genesis...

"And God promised men, that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the Earth."
Then He made the Earth round, and He laughed!!


January 1 is celebrated as World Laughter Day

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