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Natural Handcrafted Soaps

We guarantee the best quality handmade soaps handcrafted with careful consideration for your skin's needs using essential oils, glycerin and natural ingredients. These vegetarian soaps contain real fruit extracts and no parabens or petrochemicals. We have to be as careful of what we put into our bodies as much what we put on our skin. It is time we gave our skin the kind of gentle care and nourishment it deserves.

The soaps are made in big slabs and cut as and when our customers order to retain their freshness! These freshly cut soaps are packed with all natural ingredients to energize your body and freshness of the skin.

With over 15 varieties of natural handmade soaps to choose from:

BUTTERS: Cocoa butter soap, Shea butter soap, olive butter soap, aloe vera butter soap, mango butter soap, kokum butter soap, lavender butter soap, jojoba butter soap, lemongrass butter soap, wheat-germ butter soap, grape-seed butter soap, pumpkin butter soap

CLAYS: Calamine clay soap, fuller's earth clay soap, Bentonite clay soap, kaolinclay soap, French green clay soap, French red clay soap, Zeolite clay soap, Rhassoul clay soap

ESSENTIAL OILS: Hazelnut oil soap, Tea tree oil soap, vitamin E oil soap, Neem oil soap, Avocado oil soap, Jojoba oil soap, Rosehip oil soap, patchouli oil soap, Neroli oil soap, wheat germ oil soap, rosemary oil soap, annatto oil soap, Frankincense oil soap, Myrhh oil soap, geranium oil soap, juniper oil soap, peppermint oil soap, sea buckthorn oil soap

CARRIER OILS: Coconut soap, Almond soap, olive soap, sesame soap, rice bran soap, palm soap, canola soap

FLOWERS & LEAVES: Rose soap, Lavender soap, saffron soap, calendula soap, Mogra soap, Holy basil leaves soap, Mint leaves soap

FRUITS & VEGETABLES: Sweet orange soap, bitter orange soap, papaya soap, cucumber soap, lemon soap, pomegranate soap

OTHERS: Milk soap, honey soap, turmeric soap, yogurt soap, chlorophyll soap, vanilla bean soap, charcoal soap

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