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limitless healing potential
cold, clogged and congested chest, asthma

Newborn’s: for 40 days at least the baby’s skull has a soft spot on top of the head. Soak a small cotton cloth or gauze with virgin pure mustard oil and keep on top of the head all night. The Mustard oil will penetrate from the head into the body and strengthen the body to avoid catching cold easily, for life long.

Daily massage your baby with pure mustard oil before bathing

Adults: When you have a cold apply this pure mustard oil inside both the nostrils before a bath. The fumes from the oil will open the clogged nose and clear the chest slowly. Actually it is a good practice to apply oil daily in the nostrils before bath. The oil prevents the hair in the nose from sticking to the sides and the fumes prevent one from catching cold.


Entitlement seems to have hit epidemic proportions with kids, and today's parents are seriously looking for answers. One big step to help stave off the `I want - I want' is to steer your children to better appreciate what they already have.


Start by modeling it in genuine ways every day.
Here are four great ways to make gratitude part of your family's routine:

Start the day on the right foot: Practice saying in the morning over breakfast or before school, "What are you looking forward to today?" getting kids focused on what could go RIGHT in the day, rather than what can go wrong, is powerful. You can add phrases like, "I'm looking forward to trying a new recipe tonight for you guys!" Or, "I can't wait to watch your soccer practice later! What are you excited about today?"

Put service in your schedule: Taking the time for service work is empowering and reminds kids how good they have it. Maybe helping an elderly neighbor, volunteering at a local food bank or even donating some time at a shelter would be a good fit. Brainstorm with your kids and try one idea per month.

Share the silver linings: If your kids melt down over having meatloaf for dinner or fuss about football practice, then it's time to put silver linings in their lives. For example, next time your weekend gets rained out, try, "Well, at least we don't have to wash the car now!" Or when your kid's bus doesn't show up, try, "That gives us more time together in the car today!" We can find either blessings or frustrations in every moment. Help your kids see the bright side.

Be heard: That means letting your kids HEAR you giving thanks. When someone holds a door, a cashier is kind or the waiter is attentive, say 'thank you" - out loud.

Eventually,Your kids will do the same and it will be amazing to see them go out of THEIR way to make someone ELSE'S life better. (Thanks to Amy McCreedy for these wonderful thoughts.)


"To make laundry easier, give each family member their own laundry basket and have them pre-sort their clothes. Children as young as 2 years old can help Mom and Dad fold washcloths Older children can help sort, fold towels and pair socks. Laundry is one of the easiest areas to start in corporating chores that are age appropriate. It also makes the laundry a little more fun when you have a little helper!" said home and lifestyle expert Laura Dellutri.

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