Gayatri Mantra
Mool Mantra


When God takes something from your grasp

he is not punishing you

but merely opening your hands to receive something better

Concentrate on this sentence:

"God will never take you where his grace will not protect you."

Reason and Benefits

1. Cultivation of Self Awareness

The simplest definition of meditation is the cultivation of self-awareness. Without self-awareness we cannot see what we are doing wrong at the levels of our own thoughts and feelings. In fact, we cannot even see that it is I and not someone else who creates my thoughts and feelings!

“When you fall under the illusion that others are responsible for what you are feeling you condemn yourself to a stressful life, as you become dependent on external sources of stimulation in order to feel OK, and then perform our very own award winning performance of The Victim!”

Meditation raises your self-awareness and therefore self-responsibility.

2. Self Control

In the external world we tend to define control as getting a grip on things and handling people and issues firmly. In the internal world of our thoughts and feelings, control does not come with a tight grip, or a struggle, or trying to make certain thoughts and feelings go away. Control on the inside comes from doing the opposite i.e. letting go, and being more like a detached observer of our thoughts and feelings. This is the first step in the practice of meditation, which will eventually give you the ability to be the master of our own thoughts and feelings.

3. Creating Your State

In a world almost totally focused on action it is easy to forget that we are a human being first, and human doing second. It is easy to forget that everything we do flows from our state of being. Few of us learn how to create our state of being, yet we all know that if we start the day in a dull and grumpy mood it doesn’t matter how beautiful the day may be, it is still a dull and grumpy day! Once you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, once you see why they emerge (self awareness) and once you restore the power of choice and control, you can work at a deeper level and consciously create your state. Just as the miner works deep underground at the coalface, so meditation gives you the ability to work at the deepest levels of your consciousness, at the coalface of the soul. It is there that you find your original states of peace, love and a natural joyfulness that are not dependent on anything external.

4. Communication from the Heart

Life is a relationship, and relationship is communication. Both our success and satisfaction in life will depend to a large degree on how well we communicate with others. Our ways of communication are largely learned from external influences like parents and society, which means many of us have difficulty in connecting and communicating from our own heart, our true heart. The practice of meditation, which is essentially a journey to the heart, helps you to see and understand the internal blocks, barriers and burdens that distort our communication with others. Meditation allows us to dissolve our blocks and heal your heart in your own time, at your own pace in your own way.

Meditation is a journey not a destination. As you practice with patience and perseverance, the process of learning meditation takes you towards perfection. As it does the journey also becomes the destination.

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Teachings of Swami Mukundananda

WE can attain God only by His Grace
We can attain His Grace ONLY by TOTAL Surrender

Steps for total surrender

Desire according to the Will of the God
Do not desire against the Will of God
Have complete Faith in his Protection & Love
Have Gratitude for ALL his little graces
Surrender and do not have the pride of surrender
Realise that everything you have belongs to

God smiles on two occasions

1. When a person thinks that the medicine or the doctor saved him.
HE alone decides the time of birth and death

2. When people fight over material possessions and say this is mine
HE would like to remind you that
You came empty handed and will go empty handed
Nothing belongs to you, in the bigger realm of things


Meditation is the spiritual exercise of the mind
It keeps the mind pure and clean while connected to God
Live in this world but have the mind focused and engrossed with God

Take out AT LEAST one hour everyday for this wonderful energizing experience
Best time is early morning when the mind is still fresh, clean and uncluttered

Fix your mind on your Ishtdev (any image or name you wish to call your God)
Chant his name with full internal love (Simran/Smaranam)
Engross your mind with this love on the image in your mind (Sadhna)

Chant his name

Hear his name

Attach your mind to him

(let all your senses be involved in this wonderful experience)

THEN when you have become pure like butter challenge the MAYA (material wealth).

eg: When you churn and churn and churn the milk, pure butter floats on top leaving the whey behind. Now the butter can float on any water like desires and not get mixed in it. Before milk becomes butter it can be mixed with any liquid and lose its original identity.

Receive God's Grace

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The Important Body Chakras

1st Chakra - Red: The Kundalini Chakra, at the base of your Spine keeps you grounded in the physical world. It creates the necessary balance and stillness to succeed in your ambitions and dreams.

2nd Chakra –- Orange: The Emotions Chakra, just beneath your Navel, this Chakra governs the release of sexual and emotional energy. It enables you to be in balance with your emotions, thus diffusing any build-up of anger.

3rd Chakra –- Yellow: The Control Chakra, located in your Solar Plexus, this Chakra is the seat of your emotions. Its fire and sun energy is what drives your personal power.

4th Chakra –- Green: The Heart Chakra, is of vital importance. It circulates love, balance and compassion, and keeps your immune system strong and powerful.

5th Chakra –- Blue: The Throat Chakra, is tied to creativity and communication, expansion and excitement. You may even feel pressure in the throat when you're not able to properly communicate your emotions.

6th Chakra -– Indigo: The Third Eye Chakra, keeps your psychic and clairvoyant abilities flowing. It is the Pineal Gland, which is like a physical eye with the capabilities of looking upward.

7th Chakra - Violet: The Crown Chakra, this connects you with the higher realms. It governs thought, spiritual connection, understanding, knowing and bliss.

8th Chakra - White: The energy centre of divine love, of spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness. The energy centre that holds your karmic residue.

It is so important to keep connected with the Eight Chakras and ensure their energies are unblocked and fluid. We all possess incredible qualities of:

Courage hope wisdom intelligence compassion and desire for self-improvement

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